Guys, the more I write about Alari society, the more I like them. Not like. What’s the word? Hate. But also like. I hake them. They make me laugh, anyway, and that’s what’s important. But on a serious note, why would the commercial include the girl whining about the impact to Alari society? I guess in a way, House Liglalathane is boasting about how their house and innovation will forever change things or something.

In case it’s not clear, the disks project a near-body perimeter, and breaching that field causes an adjustable level of “correction.” It doesn’t just zap you though, it causes pain improvement in the location that you break the perimeter, so even if you can’t see where your leg is, for example, because you’ve got it cranked over your head, the “urgent encouragement” can guide you into the right position. The amount of padding allowed by the field and the level of “motivation” can be adjusted, and obviously, trying to remove it yourself results in aggressive disincentivization.

At the very lowest settings, where it feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin, you could use something like this to improve your golf swing or your fencing moves and the like. At very high levels with a very slim perimeter… well, it could be a pretty horrifying tool.

For those of you rushing to point out that Cora is cursing the Alari while still employing their “would definitely break civilized conventions if we knew about it” tech, I will point out that she is using them on criminals, and not her own children.

“I can’t believe I’m going to sleep with you again.” … I’ll take “Things to make any guy lose his train of thought.” for $500, Alex.

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Okay, so, her mouth. Yes, it’s a little big, but it’s supposed to the rictus grin of someone who is terminally embarrassed but is still giving sexy her best shot. Even though the sexiest thing Sydney ever does is very occasionally cosplay as some character with a semi-plunging neckline.


Lost Bonds (Binding Words Book 6) by [Daniel Schinhofen]One of my favorite novel series has a six-qual out. Binding Words 6 is available! I have finished it now, and I can report that I enjoyed it.




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