Ok, so that last panel, hopefully you can tell what’s happening there, but it’s a little small. I should have zoomed in more on Cora’s eyes. Basically she’d getting an alert. I think a lot of you have guessed the source at this point.

Honestly, if there was a real superhero fight happening in the middle of a city, I would be shocked if there weren’t a dozen people within fifty feet trying to not only film the battle, but selfie it. The only reason that’s not happening here is I don’t want to spend hours drawing a bunch of dumbasses at the fringes of each panel.

I don’t know what the conversion rate from Quatloos to Ameribucks is, but in that original ToS episode, the alien gamers started at like, 15 quatloos, and it maxed out at around 5,000, which seemed like pretty massive stakes. It could be like… 50 dollars to the quatloo? Or maybe it’s 10 quats to the buck, and those Triskelion gamers just thought they were high rollers. I like to think the quatloo has a high inherent value, and if you tried to buy a single tootsie roll with one the clerk would give you a dirty look, and have to give back a handful of Singloos, Doubloos, and Triploos as change.

Check the vote incentive to see Sydney in her jim-jams. Check Patreon to see her… not in her jim-jams.

So. It would seem rather a lot of you enjoyed Sydney’s pinup debut. Or at least thought the idea had enough potential that you’d check it out over at Patreon. (Yes, her mouth is probably a little big. It’s been pointed out, and I agree. Staring at a picture too long can make you forget what actual humans look like I guess. If I can tweak it without it looking odd I’ll try and do so in the next few days.)

Hopefully you decide to stick around and enjoy the high res comics in between the pinups. Obviously I will have to do a little bit of pandering to those of you who enjoy a slighter figure on a lady. Like it would be such a burden to have to do pinups of Pixel or Krona. Or Pixel and Krona. Hmm. Now I’m getting ideas.

Lost Bonds (Binding Words Book 6) by [Daniel Schinhofen]One of my favorite novel series has a six-qual out. Binding Words 6 is available! It’s a doozy so far. Haven’t finished it as of writing this post, but it’s got some feels.




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