Oh shit, he’s dating a lizard person, get it!?

Or possibly some sort of hillbilly. It’s even odds if you’re wanting to put money on it.

This is admittedly just a weird transitional page that doesn’t do a lot more than kind of develop some, at best, tertiary characters. Had I a more rigorous editorial process, I might have been talked into skipping it, but I don’t have enough of a buffer to make that kind of call the same night I’m posting the new page.

If this page doesn’t give you much to discuss, we can instead all hate on daylight savings time, which is a stupid thing that no one can justify and why don’t 80% of the clocks in my house automatically set their own time by calling into that time-radio station thing for clocks? Also, why does my microwave and toaster oven need to know what time it is? It’s not like I’m going to leave a raw chicken breast in the microwave for 4 hours while I go out and run errands and see a movie, then expect to come home to a piping hot and probably slightly slimy piece of chicken that I set up with a time delay cook. (Also I probably wouldn’t cook raw chicken in the microwave. I was just trying to be gross.)

The new vote incentive is up! Maxima won (or lost) the draw this time. There are several clothing/non-clothing variants over at Patreon, including a special version with guest art direction from JJ Abrams. (Yes, there’s a ton of lens flares, hah hah. I amuse myself.) The a-cups will return next month, so please enjoy this offering in the meantime.



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