And we come full circle, back to the alien tourists who launched this whole escapade. We’re almost wrapped up with this storyline, as I know a few of you are having Sydney withdrawal, myself included.

Uh… yeah. Not sure what else to say about this one. I doubt NYC storm drains are tour-worthy. Well, maybe pinky there is a xenoarcheologist. That would make almost any artificial structure pretty interesting to her. Who knows, maybe that whole tour group are all students? Well, I suppose if anyone did, it’d be me, but honestly I just wanted a bunch of aliens wandering around Times Square, so fill in whatever story you like for them. I actually imagined a bunch of them are just streamers and wanted some exclusive new content for their UniverseTube channels, and the rest of them are the kind of people who go on vacation expressly for the purpose of loading up three dozen slide carousels in order to entertain/bore their friends and families into comas with insipid slide shows.

Kind of out of nowhere, Star Justice 12 will likely be out this Friday, barring any last second editorial issues. It’ll be available at Michael-Scott Earl’s website. SJ 11 came out nearly 3 years ago, and it’s one of my favorite series of all time, so I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. There wasn’t any big kickstarter for it, MSE is just writing and releasing them, I guess to test how direct sales do vs a big pre-funding campaign. I’m hoping it goes well, even though he plans on wrapping the series at 14 or 15.

Star Justice is on of those books I very nearly passed over. I had seen it on my recommended list on Amazon for a few weeks, then one day thought, eh, I’ll give it a shot. Looking at my kindle Device and Content list tells the rest of the story. I bought the 1st book Nov 25, 2017, then didn’t read it right away. Guess I had other stuff in the queue. I’m guessing I started reading SJ1 on about Jan 13 or 14, because I bought the second book on Jan 15, then books 3-8 on Jan 18th. Obviously I was hooked. Then, amazingly, book 9 came out like the day before I finished #8, but then I was caught up and had to wait like everyone else. I’m just glad I didn’t have to wait for book 6. Yeah, if you’ve read book 5, you know. There was SOMETHING of a cliffhanger. That was not a productive week for me. Kind of surprised I didn’t miss posting a page, come to think of it.

The new vote incentive is up! Maxima won (or lost) the draw this time. There are several clothing/non-clothing variants over at Patreon, including a special version with guest art direction from JJ Abrams. (Yes, there’s a ton of lens flares, hah hah. I amuse myself.) The a-cups will return next month, so please enjoy this offering in the meantime.



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