Is casually standing on water sacrilegious? I’m sure someone could take offense to it, but then people can take offense to basically anything. (A fact which clearly invalidates all peoples’ feelings in all matters.) Does Max care? She does not. She actually thinks it’s kind of funny, especially when she walks over a deep pothole filled with water, but she flies so that her shoe doesn’t get wet, but the person behind her thinks it’s a shallow puddle because it looked like Max barely made the surface ripple and suddenly they’re shoulder deep.

Max knows officers aren’t supposed to project their emotions at their subordinates, and if the team was in the field, or if she was standing on the bridge of her own Naval vessel, she certainly wouldn’t. But right now she just wants half an hour to decompress because she knows there’s a buttload of paperwork waiting for her. Unfortunately, Archon HQ is chocked full of distractions and crazy people, so she has to herd the cats before anything else can happen.

This is largely her own fault though, since she is so permissive when it comes to “around the base” discipline. As long as her people do their jobs and obey orders in the field, she’s usually okay with a little goofing around on downtime. She’s always been of the opinion that Supers by and large don’t respond well to crushing authoritarianism. Which is more likely to be true among Supers than mudbloods for entirely predictable reasons. Still, running a much tighter ship wouldn’t have saved her from much of the aggravation she’s already dealt with today.

I’ve never really developed the skill to draw Hiro the way I wanted. I picture him somewhere between the square jawed Daniel Dae Kim (you’d mostly know him from Lost. He was also in 168 episodes of the new Hawaii Five-0, but I’ve never once heard anyone talk about that show except for when a bunch of asian actors walked because the white actors were getting paid way more, because, you know, the world sucks) mixed in with the more rugged look of Hiroyuki Sanada (Sunshine, Inception and about a thousand other things.) He’s supposed to be “make women walk into walls and trip over things” handsome, but clearly I’m a ways from achieving that with my art.

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