Military training montage! For a given definition of “military” and “montage.” And “training” if I’m honest.

The number of times any given instructor has fantasized about This-Is-Sparta-ing some obnoxious trainee is definitely not zero. This is the primary advantage of working with supers. Achilles especially can be used as a frustration pressure valve. If you ever need to just stab someone or break a printer over a head, it’s got to be very therapeutic to know that you can, whether you actually ever do it or not. It’s also probably not very satisfying to stab Achilles, cause it doesn’t have ANY effect beyond slightly nudging him. No “hey, quit it.” or even “That tickles.” He’s fully on board, and then he sticks the knife between his teeth does a flying faceplant into a curb to see if he can break the blade.

The final Star Justice just came out. I’ve always done a fair bit of reading, sometimes books, sometimes comics or webcomics, but I think this series was the one that shifted my primary source of entertainment to book. It’s still in my top 5 series of all time, alongside Tamer, Paul Kidd’s Justicar trilogy, Three Square Meals, Binding Words, and Upon a Savage Shore. I really should make a page with links to all my favorites and the other recommendations I throw out there.

Anyway, Star Justice is some damned good high action space opera with a slow burn harem.


The new vote incentive is up! Welcome to Dabbler’s Damsel in Distress University.

Worried that you’ll end up in a deathtrap, precariously balancing a bomb with a mercury switch (or a canister full of tickle powder) while you struggle to escape? Then sign up now and you can practice your death (or tickle powder) defying escapes in the safety of the classroom!

Courses include Deathtrap 101-401, Tying up the Supervillain’s Henchwoman once you Escape Leaving her in the Very Same Precarious Deathtrap 101-201, Having Dinner with the Supervillian While he’s Holding the City Hostage 101-401, Holding Your Breath for Fun and Profit 101, Lockpicking 101-301, Ropework 101-406, Labyrinth Navigation 101, Blind Fighting, Oil Wrestling, Seducing the Guards 101-403, and many more!

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