If she’s not using them, I often forget about Sydney’s orbs until I’m placing them on the page, which I usually do near the end, and sometimes that results in the orbs being shoved off to the side while she eats. They’ll eventually drift back into place if she doesn’t give them a thought now and again.

Everyone at the base thinks Sydney and Frix are a cute couple, even if Fridney isn’t the best couple portmanteau. Some of that is just because of the ridiculous height difference. Cora has a type, and Frix is right at 7′ tall.

If Grrl Power was a different type of comic, I might spend some time on people saying that human/alien relationships are abominations and “against nature” all that jazz, but it’s just so… tired and predictable. I don’t mean predictable as a story trope, but predictable in a “humans suck and have always sucked and will probably continue to suck for the foreseeable future” kind of way.

Claiming things that a person doesn’t like are “against nature” always cracks me up, cause they’re usually doing so online, and we all know how natural computers are. Half of them are wearing eyeglasses, surely freshly picked from the eyeglasses trees. If you’re naked and yelling at a city from a hilltop forest and are riddled with parasites and ringworm and half your teeth are rotted out of your head and you die at 32, then knock your bad self out, otherwise, shut up about shit being natural. Humans are natural, therefore anything we can accomplish is by extension, natural. Unless you’re prepared to make the argument that beehives and beaver dams aren’t natural either.

Which is all my long winded way of saying yeah, there are people in the Grrl-verse that are against supers and humans dating supers and are against aliens and people dating them and allowing them on Earth (even though the only jobs aliens have stolen thus far is “tourist” – not including Dabbler, I suppose), there’s enough of that depressing stuff in the real world and the PR team does a pretty good job of keeping that sort of stuff out of the faces of Archon personnel.

Daniel Schinhofen’s third Luck’s Voice book came out last week. Breaking the Bank. I’m not a fan of wild west stuff at all, but this is wild west LitRPG (lite) with magic and elves and dwarves and the like, and Schinhofen has a pretty good track record IMO, so I gave it a shot. The audiobook for the first book in the series recently began recording as well, so keep an eye out for that as well once it gets through Amazon’s capricious submission gauntlet.




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