No smash cut for Maxima. If for no other reason, they used up the most of the choker’s charge while they were futzing with the enchantment. She’ll have to wait a bit for it to recharged before she can take it out for a drive.

I decided I really wanted the break panels on the bottom half of the page, so the pictures Sydney is showing Dabbler are unfortunately a little small. For that reason, I’m going to make the double res version of the comic over at Patreon available to everyone. I do hope everyone gets what Sydney is putting out there. If not, I’m sure the first few comments will spell it out. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, just keep in mind that Frix is two feet taller than Sydney, and saying that he is proportionally larger all over would… er, not do Frix justice.

Edit: Whoops, I autopiloted the patreon post and made it just for supporters. I’ve updated it so everyone can see it now. Here’s a direct link.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

This might be a bad idea, but I thought I’d post my progress with the latest novel. I keep say it’s getting close to being done, but I feel like I’ve been saying that for several months at least. The problem is, while I’ve been working on it fairly consistently, sometimes I’m only getting a few paragraphs done each evening once I get all the comic work out of the way. Actually, I think the thing that slows me down the most is re-reading chapters I’ve already finished, most of which have entertaining scenes in them. I get little minor edits done while I do that, but it’s not conducive to rapid progress.

Unfortunately, the book is closing in on 170K words, and I feel like it’s really back heavy. There’s a lot going on in the final few chapters, to the point that I’m probably going to cut a character I really wanted. Maybe there will be a book three? There’s enough set up in this book to justify it, certainly, but these are full length novels here, and since they’re fanfic (I don’t think that’s the right term since I’m not using any of the original characters or locations, just the basic setup) I’m not charging for them. I’m writing them because it entertains me, but at some point, I should probably consider writing something original.

Anyway, the actual progress report: I (think) I’m a chapter and a half from finishing. Oh, and a sex scene I left with just a [sex scene here] notation because I wasn’t in the mood to write it at the time. (I don’t do any kind of outlines for the stuff I write, I just kind of write until it’s where I want it.) Once I actually finish, I’ll go and do a pacing and continuity pass. Basically, I want each scene to have the right weight.

It’s a literary pet peeve of mine when an author reveals important information to the characters/reader and the characters have no reaction. I bought a 3 novels in one audiobook, and immediately in the first chapter, there’s The Thing That Happens which motivates everything else in the story. A massive event that changes the whole world, so the characters have no reaction whatsoever and decide to go and feed the chickens. It wasn’t like a dragon attacks, but the main characters realize they’re not equipped to fight it so they run away, it was like, the characters are walking down a road, and the next sentence is; “After the dragon attacked and the 5 nations’ armies gathered to battle it, taking a dozen hours and thousands of men to bring it down, the characters decided to set up camp for the night.” And then you re-read the sentence three times because you’re sure you didn’t read it right, and then finally realize that the author doesn’t want to be telling the story he seems to be telling. Or he’s like, “yeah, yeah, that’s just stuff that happened. I want to write about how the main character organized the rocks in the fire ring.”

Basically I got about 17 minutes into a 27 hour audiobook and quit right then and there. What if the fun of writing anything if the characters don’t react to it? I guess authors like that are… anti-Spielbergs?

Anyway, once I’ve finished that pass, I’ll put a call out for some proofers. Please, when I do, keep in mind that the book will be released for free a few weeks after that, and I really do need people who are willing to go through 170,000 words to tell me how many times I transposed “an” with “and.”

July’s vote incentive is up!

You guys don’t know who this is yet. (Her name is Xerxa.) I will give you one single guess what she might be from. (And no, it’s not Dabbler’s mother.) It was a piece I had half finished from a little while ago and given my time constraints this month, I threw a little polish and some background on it and here you are. Unfortunately there aren’t nine separate versions because she’s not wearing a ton to begin with.  Hopefully you can read about that soon. I hope you like it, personally I think it turned out pretty good.

As always, nude version are up at Patreon.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like.