Cora might be a space whatever-the-opposite-of-a-puritan is, but even that caught her off guard. (Anvil is currently 28.)

When Anvil was 14, she had a figure surprisingly close to Maxima’s current dimensions. So, an awkward freshman year in high school, one might imagine. Awkward for her, but a hell of a time for select 14 year old boys, apparently. With most of them, she probably had makeout experiences that were the equivalent of the Boston Molassacre, or the Kalamazoo River pipeline leak. (I’m saying they were disasters and large amounts of unwanted fluids were released.) But apparently there was at least one guy who got the job done. He might have gotten early onset carpal tunnel syndrome, (cause Anvil’s second base takes up half the outfield, see?) but it was probably worth it.

As far as Maxima falling madly into bed with someone, while that does sort of seem like the kind of thing that might occur in this comic, she will probably insist on a few get to know you dates first. But I suppose we’ll see what happens. Maybe there’s some guy from high school that jilted her when she turned gold that she wants to get some kind of sit-commy revenge on somehow. Not that she couldn’t crush his car into a cube or anything if she wanted. She wouldn’t do that. That’s petty and psycho. If such a theoretical guy existed, she might move his car from one side of the parking lot to another. That’s probably pretty harmless? Well, until he goes to get an MRI because he thinks he’s getting early onset Alzheimer’s. Max’s actual revenge (again, assuming a hypothetical high school jilter) is being a rich, powerful superheroine who doesn’t spend any time dwelling on shit that went down in high school.

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You guys don’t know who this is yet. (Her name is Xerxa.) I will give you one single guess what she might be from. (And no, it’s not Dabbler’s mother.) It was a piece I had half finished from a little while ago and given my time constraints this month, I threw a little polish and some background on it and here you are. Unfortunately there aren’t nine separate versions because she’s not wearing a ton to begin with.  Hopefully you can read about that soon. I hope you like it, personally I think it turned out pretty good.

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