Patron Kizik Ucalegon suggested “Redline” for Ren, and think that fits him pretty good. I’m sure Sydney will accidentally call him Renline a few times.

I’m not sure how watching two people fight in a manner that is beyond your capabilities is “training.” Well, other than familiarizing yourself with your teammates’ capabilities. Vehemence is just having fun brawling at this point. Punching an enemy or being knocked into a cliff is all the same to him.

I wonder if there’s a morning star somewhere on Middle Earth called “Antagonist Dagger,” or a two by four called “Disagreeable Party Hunga Munga,” a boot knife called “Opposition Macuahuitl,” or a spiked shield called “Corrival Urumi.” I would like to think so. Part of a set by the guy who made FoeHammer. I’m assuming he huffed mercury fumes in between projects.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Not much to report. Did some minor edits, dialed in a new character’s personality a bit. Didn’t get a lot of time with the book since Monday’s update.

August’s vote incentive is up! I know, that thumbnail isn’t so enticing, but I promise, the rest of the picture is worth it.

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