These action pages don’t always leave a lot to talk about. Vehemence tries to punch Ren, Ren hits first, blows are exchanged, V gets knocked through a cliff. Okay, that’s a little more interesting.

I’ve called Ren’s power super adrenaline, and that’s basically what it is, but in some ways he almost kind of works like a Barbarian from Diablo 3, where the longer a fight goes on, the more access to amazing powers he has. Yeah, in a lot of ways, he’s actually very similar to Vehemence, though Veemy gets stronger from any violence happening in his vicinity. Ren has to be much more of an active participant, and it’s not like he develops the ability to talk with fish or anything. I mean he gets progressively stronger, tougher, faster and heals faster. When he first discovered his powers, his “Rage Meter” topped out at Ten. When he sparred with Max, he was nearing Fifty. Right now he’s pushing Sixty, Sixty-Five. His training has expanded his pool, but he’s constantly spending that pool when he moves fast, heals, etc.

So to answer Sydney’s question, he’ll definitely hit his cap before Vehemence does. Another five years of training? The two of them might actually be able to fight each other to a standstill. Except, as we saw in his first appearance, Vehemence can start basically making up powers when he has a massive amount of energy to throw around. It’s like a mage with the ability to cast any spell he’s ever seen, but if he hasn’t studied it, the mana cost is multiplied 10 times. And in Vehemence’s case, he’s got phat mojo to drop. So Ren by himself wouldn’t be able to beat Veemy in straight fight, but he’ll eventually be a significant addition to the team’s punch factor.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Very nearly done with what I thought was going to be the final chapter. It actually still might be. I’ll have to see how it goes. I think the book will end better on an action scene, so I’m going to play with it.

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