Early UFC matches were fast because no one had figured out that grappling basically dominates in one on one fights, then just after that everyone started to learn counter grappling, and then after that, they had to start putting time limits on the bouts because some of them turned into thirty minutes of two dudes basically just laying on the mat.

Maxima is instituting a boredom limit.

Anyone get the feeling Vehemence is mostly here just for the big rematch?

I think super powered grappling would look exactly the same as regular grappling. Just the actual grappling, mind you. A super powered suplex would be dope. Or a DDT, or an 80 story elbow drop. Most “show” wrestling moves would be pretty cool actually. Even that one where they stomp when they punch to make it sound like they’re hitting harder. Like, they know we can see their feet, right? Anyway, I assume the super version would collapse the storm drains underneath the fight and look cool instead of childish.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Very nearly done with what may or may not be the final chapter. I know I said that last time, but I went off on a thousand word tangent. I mean, that’s my writing process. Just… slap down whatever comes to mind. Well, not really. I am a little concerned that I’m cramming an awful lot into the back quarter of the book. Content is good, but pacing is important too. Anyway, I incorporated some stuff from the latest canon Tamer. I won’t spoil anything here, but, you know, read all of those before mine if you’re planning on reading them at any point.

I should finish the chapter this week hopefully, then see how it looks.

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