Max is just having fun with this. It’s not often she gets to cut lose. She can spar with Hiro and Stalwart, and while most supers heal faster than your stock human, they could still wind up being laid out for a couple of weeks if she really lays into them. A guy like Vehemence can heal like Wolverine, so short of knocking his head clean off, he’ll be back in a fight in 1D6 rounds.

Naturally being so busy with the comic and doing the bonus nudie pics and writing T:E 2, I decided to do a 14 panel double page. I tried to make up for it a little as the next page has only three panels, which might be a record for Grrl Power, but the point is, I’m bad at time management.

The monthly nudie pic is almost finished. (see above paragraph) The last one only had a few clothing variants, so I’m doing a few extras for this one. I’ll post it with Monday’s comic at the lastest, but I hope to have it up a little sooner.

Speaking of books, Aether’s Revival 4 is out. This is Daniel Schinhofen’s cultivation series, which is my favorites of his behind Binding Words, which is one of my overall favorite series. Which is just a roundabout way of saying AR is pretty good and maybe check it out if you like books that involve a lot of studying and pill popping.

It’s kind of a weird subgenre if you think about it. It’s so specific. Like, if someone wrote a book where a cyborg had to upload skill programs every night and drink a pint of STP every morning in order to increase his agility… that would technically be a cultivation book, right? Yeah yeah, cultivation is about unlocking or developing your inner spirit or becoming a mage in a very verbose manner, buuuut… the hallmark of cultivation really seems to be the studying and performance enhancers. What about a vampire that drained peasants instead of taking mana pills every night, and drinking blood also taught him new skills from memory absorption? That’d be like a 2 in 1 cultivation sort of.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Did some editing, think I might have the final fight figured out.

August’s vote incentive is up! I know, that thumbnail isn’t so enticing, but I promise, the rest of the picture is worth it.

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