I had to draw a slightly less involved page to make up for the previous monster one. I can’t decide if Arianna would go for this or not. The boob letterboxing there would increase the views, but she’s not of the opinion that all clicks are good clicks. She’s not aiming to make the team look completely puritanically wholesome, but she’s also trying to keep their image from veering into stripper-cam territory.

I had considered drawing a HUD on Dabbler’s POV, but 1) it would likely all be in some weird language that I’d have to make up and 2) It’s unlikely she’d share that version with the general populace. If I had been thinking a little harder about it, I might have considered drawing that third panel so it shows off a slightly different color spectrum. I don’t think demons would be able to see in infrared – assuming their homeworld is a fiery hellscape, or at least quite a bit hotter. It would be like being able to see blue, but the sun is glaring blue light constantly, and everybody’s armpits and crotches are emitting blue light.

Tangentially, I always thought it was odd that Predators like hunting in really hot weather, like human body temperature weather. Presumably they evolved in hot weather, but without their masks, their prey would be a lot harder to see.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

More editing, and made some headway on the last(?) chapter. Depending on how long it goes I may break it into two chapters.

September’s vote incentive is up! It’s been over a year since Max was featured in one of these, so I figured it was time to revisit.

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