I know it’s been established that Dabbler has a wind spell, but it’s centered on her and jumping into that melee is not advisable.

Dabbler can probably track what’s going on. As I mentioned on the last page, I don’t think demons would benefit greatly from infravision, so maybe they can see into the UV scale a bit. Not that UV can penetrate dust. Or windows or clothing or just about anything really. Still, between her hearing and her cybernetic eye’s enhanced edge detection algorithms as well as other interpolation going on, she can probably tell almost exactly what’s happening in that dust cloud.

I don’t usually promote YouTube channels, but I found one called Two Minute Papers that breaks down bleeding edge “Light Transport Research” and other computer simulations of light and physics. I’m linking it here, because watching just a few of these will make you realize just what computers will be able to do in just a few years, not to mention decades from now, or even what the computers of an advanced alien civilization might be capable of. For instance, someone is developing an algorithm that takes a .jpg of your face, and then sends motion tracking data over a chat connection, where the receiving computer essentially deepfakes your face onto the motion track. The advantage of this being that it doesn’t stream video, and therefore uses a tenth of the bandwidth. It’s definitely not perfect at this stage, and if you turn your head too much it can start to skew your features, but watching the videos on that channel makes it obvious that if you wait for the next paper or two on the subject, the techniques will be vastly improved. The other advantage of something like that is it can do things like adjust your eye tracking so everyone sees you looking at them, not at their screen while the webcam sits above it, making every single person on a webchat look like they’re checking out your cleavage.

I mention the above channel because honestly, it makes me think something as advanced as Dabbler’s cybernetic eye could so something like reconstruct someone’s face if the back of their head was to her, but there was light bouncing from their face onto the jacket of the person in front of them. So yeah, she can probably track Vehemence and Max through moderate dust.

Sydney could also probably see through that dust if she thought about it. She could track Vehemence with the ComBall’s magic sight, and there are other vision modes she hasn’t even messed with yet, but she keeps forgetting about them.

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