Everybody come up with your own Succubus inspired salutations!

  • May your next sexual partner have balls like white holes!
  • Good lubrication to you!
  • Happy Tantric Day!
  • Etc.

(Zeromus.MP3) I don’t care if you like JPRGs or not, Nobuo Uematsu is a master composer on par with John Williams and Hanz Zimmer. I actually don’t care for JRPGs these days myself, but I’m glad I got to play FF2(/4) FF6 and Chrono Trigger before I came to that conclusion, because they’re some of my favorite games of all time. That has a ton to do with the music, I grant. FF6 has an opera in it. AN OPERA. With 4 audio channels on the SNES, Uematsu wrote an Opera. “Oh my hero…” I lost interest right at FF7, which kind of killed it for me. I guess I liked the superdeformed sprites sweating it out when they were down to 20% health and all that. Also I didn’t care that Aerith got killed because I hadn’t had her in my party since I got Tifa, so when she died I was like, “Oh, right, that was some chick I met earlier, wasn’t it?” Also the music wasn’t as good IMO.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Finished the chapter which was the last chapter but is no longer the last chapter. Wrote about 2,000 words of the actual last chapter, unless I decide there needs to be a quick wind up after this chapter. I know I’ve been talking about this mythical last chapter since I started these, but I don’t know what to tell you. I just write until it feels done. Well, okay, not so much with the first book. I had a bunch of stuff written after the fade to black it ended on, but didn’t want to get into any of that and leave a bunch of dangling stuff at the end of the book, like “I guess I should get started on making some bows.” The End

That’s not cool.

September’s vote incentive is up! It’s been over a year since Max was featured in one of these, so I figured it was time to revisit.

If you just popped by to see it right when it went up, you might have missed the update. Her nipples were a touch high in the first version, and if you poke through the comments there, you can see the reference I used, only that model’s boobs were about 3 cup sizes smaller. Anyway, I flew her nipples south for the winter and updated the relevant pics.

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