I wonder what Sydney would have done if she had discovered that she could use a third orb by pressing it against her butt? I guess her super hero costume would involve chaps, maybe a skirt. That’s assuming she told anyone, which I don’t see happening. She’s blushing even trying it in private. At least we know she’s thorough.

I played some superhero RPG system, Champions maybe, that included some example characters, and one of the villains was Dracula. Under his disadvantages, it listed “Dies when staked in the heart.” or something. At first I didn’t think anything of it. Vampire. Stake in the heart, makes sense. Then I thought, “Hang on… MY character dies when a stake is rammed through her heart too.” Fortunately the GM had the common sense not to grant me the 40 extra points that Drac got from having that disadvantage as well. The takeaway is that I’m an egregious min/maxer and a rules ‘sploitzer.

If you didn’t see it Friday, one of my favorite webcomics, Leftover Soup, featured a Grrl Power cameo. See if you can spot it. The page in question is mildly NSFW as it’s a shower scene. It has sidebutt as well!