Maxima is not often invited to diplomatic events. “They” learned early on that she only has so many knuckles to crack.

Assuming Tom is 90 feet tall, he would weigh… (one quick googling later) Huh. Not nearly as much as I would have guessed. Roundabout 260 tons. Assuming he’s of a similar composition as a human, of course. I really thought it would be something like 7,000 tons. I don’t know why, a blue whale only weighs about 200 tons. I guess my exponential-math-in-my-head-cortex is out of whack.

I like panel seven, because it makes Tom look like a demonic version of Beaker.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

I finished the last chapter! Man, the fight went in a super weird direction for about 10 paragraphs.

Now… don’t be mad… But the chapter was pushing 10K words and I wanted a little wrap scene, so… There’s going to be one last chapter. I think that’s 4 or 5 times I’ve said that I’m starting on the last chapter, but this time it’s probably not a wild underestimation. It’ll be short.

September’s vote incentive is up! Nude version is up at Patreon.

The October one will be posted with Thursday’s comic. I spent all day Sunday working on it, but I spent all day Saturday working on T:E 2, so I didn’t quite get it done in time. I need to sleep less. Yes… that plan has no possible drawbacks.



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