I’m not sure humans are actually bad a being subjugated. I think that’s western romanticism. Or, specifically American romanticism. We don’t of modern England of being remotely subjugatey, but they did have one of those top 5 empires at one point and a lot of early colonists came here to escape religious persecution. And for economic opportunities of course, but once they were here, they didn’t feel like paying taxes to the crown or being told how to manage our shit, war ensues – for freedom! But then we bought a bunch of slaves, war ensues – for freedom! Then 150 years of weapons-grade racism follows. Like, shit, I really like the name Redline for Ren, but some people pointed out that “redlining” is a thing in real estate where when a black family moves into a neighborhood, then all kind of shitty stuff goes on like raising rates on insurance and loans and canceling nearby construction like grocery stores. I would say it’s almost beyond belief, except for the fact that humans are the literal worst. If demons actually did invade and saw all the shit we get up to they’d be like “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

So I’m still going to call him Redline, because I like the name, and I have a feeling if I call him “Super Perfect Human Man” someone would still be able to find some tie to racism because America has been so racist for so long that nothing exists that isn’t tainted by racism.

What was I talking about? Oh, right. So even in America where we ostensibly worship anti-subjugation, there’s still a shitload of it, and huge sections of the world have a much worse track record than we do.

But Dabbler is too polite to point that out to Maxima in the middle of her “if you invade, I will personally decapitate your army” speech. (By decapitate she means slaughtering all the important officers, not literally beheading everyone down to the chefs. That would be tedious, especially when she can just blow them up.)

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

About a third done with the editing. I actually didn’t play much of anything this weekend as I had to split my time between TE2 and working on the next vote incentive. I had trouble figuring out what to draw, so I actually spent half my pinup time working on the cover for TE2, so overall a productive weekend all things considered.

October’s vote incentive is up! This is a redraw of a comic I did in 2011 I think, but never published. I had originally pictured the comic going through an establishment phase, and then taking occasional breaks from the storylines for little one-off moments like these. Which I guess I could still do. I just got wrapped up in the story telling and forgot.

So Dabbler and Sydney are up late one evening on night watch but Dabbler has just discovered Cinemax…

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