I love seeing people in the comments wondering if Sydney was going to ask about Infernal administrative services when I’ve been planning on Sydney’s mouth question from about the second time I drew this guy like 7 years ago.

Sydney isn’t great about not just blurting out the first thing that comes to mind, but she’s trying to get better.

You ever see animes where the monsters don’t move their mouths when they talk? I always thought that was pretty lazy. I mean, I get it. Producing an anime has to be a shit ton of work, but when I’m watching Devilman or Guyver and the demons/zoanoids aren’t even moving their jaws up and down slightly, I always wondered where the sound was actually coming from. Well, now I’ve answered that question, at least in my own little corner of the fantasy-verse.

It also means that if Grrl Power were an animated series, Dabbler would spend the rest of this scene using that voice speaker spell and not moving her mouth, increasingly aggravating everyone present.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Half done. I’ve collected most of the good stuff in FC6, so the game is starting to lose its hold on me. Honestly, the starting semi-auto rifle you get is basically the best weapon in the game once you load it with armor piercing rounds and a silencer. All the other AR’s in the game are less accurate at the expense of using more ammo. It’s all about the headshots. So yeah, I found some unique SMG that sets people on fire. It still takes like 20 rounds to put them down if I’m not nailing them in the head, so I used that on like, 3 people, then switched back to the one-shot-pop-and-stop.

October’s vote incentive is up! This is a redraw of a comic I did in 2011 I think, but never published. I had originally pictured the comic going through an establishment phase, and then taking occasional breaks from the storylines for little one-off moments like these. Which I guess I could still do. I just got wrapped up in the story telling and forgot.

So Dabbler and Sydney are up late one evening on night watch but Dabbler has just discovered Cinemax…

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