Dabbler telling Sydney about Astral nasties.

I think coming up with made up names is a skill like drawing or… I don’t know, throwing axes. I used to get really stuck when making up weird fantasy words, like all I’d be able think of would be the word “fnrrrg” or something, but most of those names on the demon whiteboard aren’t actually terrible? Well, a few are supposed to be sub-optimal since that’s always going to happen when you’re focus-grouping stuff.

Panel 5 is my little tribute to Norm MacDonald. I was going to name him as a character in the Who’s Who, but only if I could come up with a Demony sounding name that kind of sounded like his real name, but the best I could manage was “Norm MacDemon” or “Swarm (of Locusts) MacDonald.” Or… Swarm MacDemon, I guess, but that’s starting to drift off point a bit too far.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

About 2/3 done with my editing pass. I’d like to say I’ll have it done in a week, but I might have to prioritize the next nudie pinup thing. I accidentally put 4 characters in it like a dummy, so it’ll take slightly longer to shade them all up all nice.

October’s vote incentive is up! This is a redraw of a comic I did in 2011 I think, but never published. I had originally pictured the comic going through an establishment phase, and then taking occasional breaks from the storylines for little one-off moments like these. Which I guess I could still do. I just got wrapped up in the story telling and forgot.

So Dabbler and Sydney are up late one evening on night watch but Dabbler has just discovered Cinemax…

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