Today’s guest comic comes from Paul Corn & Landon Franklin of Wayward*Cross.

The comic brings up an interesting point, one which I haven’t fully considered, which is the status of foreign super organizations, so allow me to just vamp for a bit. Certainly they exist, but none are recognized publicly – they’re all black-ops, security/bodyguard or spy groups. The US has their own versions of these, some of which are being folded into the ARCHON umbrella now. This all means the previously mentioned press conference will officially be a Big Deal. It won’t be the first public acknowledgement of the existence of supers, but it will be the first official one complete with press events, funding and legislation.

Also, I’ve joined the Collective of Heroes, which is a collection of superhero webcomics. The widget is there below the inkOUTBREAK one, but it’s still in development. Click on it to see some of the other comics in the group, but also let me know if its acting wonky.