As I suspected, A-kon kept me very busy and I got almost no drawing done this weekend, but I did get a great commission done by Fred Perry of Gold Digger fame, which I’ll use as this month’s vote incentive (unless I manage to knock out one of my own in the next week or two) – Vote to see it here and comment on it here.

I also got to meet and chat with a few fans which was cool, I’ll have to organize something more… uh, organized next year since I didn’t have a table or anything at the con, but I did manage to co-opt a panel. I was standing in line for “Traditional and Digital Comicing Basics” and neither of the panelists showed up, so after offering to run down to the Artist’s Alley to see if I could find them, I mentioned that I did a comic, and the people in line where like “sure whatever” so I did some Q&A for about half an hour then of the scheduled panelists ran in out of breath and we finished out the panel.

The bad news is no regular comic this week, the good news is I have several guest submissions, so I’ll put up one on Wednesday and Friday as well. This one is from John Troutman who does the comic Mary Elizabeth’s Sock. As you can see it’s a spot on Silver Age treatment of the team, down to fat belts and Jack Kirby Space TextureTM. All I can add to it is that Cosmic Hitler better hope he dies of natural causes long before Maxima snaps out of his control.