The title of the page is a joke, but… seriously. Wouldn’t supers probably need to have some sort of insurance fund set up in case they accidentally elbowed someone through a wall, or turned them to stone, or extincted an epoch/era?

As it sometimes happens, speculation from the prior page’s comments could be selectively snipped and used to write this one. The proximity to the Chicxulub crater didn’t escape some of you, and that’s half of this page. I’m not saying that event and the orbs are necessarily related, but it might be a Chekhov’s Extinction Level Event.

If it happens that Sydney was involved in wiping out the dinosaurs, could it be considered retroactive species-level self-defence, given that human civilization probably wouldn’t have gotten very far if we tried to evolve alongside dinosaurs, or that any common ancestors we might have could have been eaten by a disagreeable theropod?

I like the Chekhov’s Gun trope. I don’t necessarily agree with it, because it can make plays/movies/stories incredibly predictable, but I like the idea of it, because I can say “Oh, look, Chekhov’s restaurant.” if I’m planning on eating somewhere later. Seriously though, the idea that every scene or thing that the camera focuses on early in a movie needs to be there in order to pay off later is obnoxious, because if you’re paying attention it’s almost like watching a movie with pop-ups saying “The Main Character is giving the love interest a silver amulet. I wonder if that will come up later in this Were-Vampire movie? What do you think, audience?” Of course, if you have no setup, then stuff happening at the end can feel deus ex machiny, so I guess the balance is to set up too much stuff so the signal gets hidden in the noise? I don’t know. “The Main Character is giving the love interest a silver amulet, and a ring with a cross on it, and a broach made of mysterious metal that came from a meteorite, a lucky charm for her keyring, a flask to keep in her inside jacket pocket, and is taking her to the gun range and teaching her offensive driving, Latin, and how to fly a helicopter. What do you think is going to happen now, smart guy?”

I will say that Archon needs to be a lot better about closing doors and drawing blinds when discussing classified things.

Unrelated, I saw Matrix: Resurrection, and no spoilers, but I’m shocked that it has a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. I kind of figured the 4th time the movie self-awarely brought up the idea of an unnecessary sequel to a trilogy then said in the movie “Warner Brothers is making us do this.” I assumed it was an apology. I don’t think they tried to make a bad, unnecessary movie that added nothing to the lore (in fact it detracted from the lore, IMO), I just don’t think there was a way to extend that storyline any further.

If the movie had been about the remnants of humanity living in a Matrix-esque world while they traveled to another planet, having abandoned Earth to the machines, that could have extended the universe. Or if it had been about a post-trilogy ground war to take back the Earth like the future bits of the Terminator movies, then that could have been something, but neither of those stories require Keanu, and that’s just not how Hollywood works.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Still getting proofed. Didn’t make much progress over Xmas break, but I didn’t think the book would be out before the new year anyway. Definitely January though.

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