Leon and Zephan are both thinking “just hire some fish researchers and slip one of our own guys in the group” or coral researchers or marine geologists or whatever. FYI, a “fish researcher” is an ichthyologist, but a guy who studies coral is just lumped in as a “Marine Zoologist” and that makes me wonder if research professions that have their own special title are hoity-toity and swing their big science dicks around and push more specialized scientists out of the line at scientist pot-lucks, or if the guys who research increasingly obscure subjects look at the ichthyologists and lepidopterist and act all snobby and barely regard them as scientists, and are like, “I was surprised he didn’t end his paper on the migratory habits of Skipjack Tuna by asking the reader if they wanted fries with that.” Murf murf murf murf! <-snooty laughter.

I mean, you gotta figure there’s some kind of hierarchy among scientists, right? There’s got to be some disciplines that “get all the chicks” and whatever. Like I assume the astronomers are the bullies to the astrophysicists, and everyone thinks the quantum particle theorists are like the chess club, but those guys get to look down on all the other disciplines as kind of remedial.

Anyway, what going on in this page? Oh, right, well, it’s possible Sydney went swimming where few other people did, but even if she drifted out of bounds a bit, it’s not like she would have been the first person ever to be near the area the orbs were found in. It’s safer to assume either they were recently uncovered by some event, or there’s just something about Sydney that attracted them.

And yes, Ma Scoville is the family enforcer. It’s probably been like raising two children for the bulk of her adult life.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Still getting proofed. Finished two proofer’s notes, which makes checking everyone else’s harder because half the stuff they catch is already fixed. Still, it’s funny seeing some incredibly obvious error in the third guy’s notes and thinking “well that’s definitely already been fixed” only to realize that the first two (and myself) missed it. Hopefully by the time I get through everyone, the first “final” version will have fewer errors than the average pulp novel on Amazon. Well, fewer egregious ones, at any rate.

This month’s vote incentive guest stars Lana of Spying with Lana. One of my own secret agents, Pixel, is trying to assist, with various levels of success and… nudity. Well, in the Patreon versions. The Vote Incentive will give you a pretty good idea of what might go down. Here’s a dedicated post in case you want to comment.

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