Yeah, everyone called it. Who else would have been calling Tom?

Deus enjoys stacking the deck. Also counting the cards, bribing the dealer, and telling the guy across the table that his mom gives great blow-jobs, and also replacing his girlfriend who is sitting next to him with a shapeshifting double agent who is blinking the guy’s cards in morse code.

He loves competition, because he’s very good at cheating winning.















Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

You know what’s taking so long? Fucking hyphens. Every paragraph I type seems to have six pairs of words that supposedly require hyphenation. Or should that be “Every-paragraph I type seems to have six-pairs of words that supposedly-require-hyphenation.” I don’t know. I just don’t get it. The rule seems to be that if there’s a adjective that modifies another adjective in front of a noun, then you use a hyphen, like the difference between “the loud, red car” and “the loud-red car” is one describes a car that is both loud and red, and the other describes a car that is very bright red, but honestly, if that’s what you’re trying to convey, you probably need to reword your sentence. That stuff I kind of get, but apparently all the other stuff (other-stuff?) is just brute force memorization. (brute-force?) Like ill-conceived, or silver-tongued or build-up. Is the sentence “There was a build up of leaves in the gutter.” so fucking hard to parse? Is anyone going to read that sentence and think someone built an “up” out of leaves? And “silver-tongued devil.” Without the hyphen, yeah, maybe it’s possible someone might read that phrase and think it’s about a devil which is silver, and has recently been tongued, which probably says more about the reader than the structure of the sentence. It just-assume there’s a cabal-of English-Professors sitting-around in a wood-paneled-room coming-up with a-bunch of extra-rules to torture-us with-.

Anyway. I’m on my last set of notes, about halfway through the book, and I may as well incorporate all this stuff so there are a few technical errors as possible. Still, I think it’s crazy that I’m on my last set of corrections, and only about 1/5th of the stuff this proofer caught had already been corrected by the other five. I guess everyone just has different things they notice. Hopefully the combination of proofers means I will have covered all the bases, but I can’t shake the suspicion the first final draft of the book will still be roughly 17% typo. I guess we’ll see.

Also I evidently messed up every possible use of laying/lying down. Pretty sure I’ve reversed them when speaking ever since I learned the words.

January’s vote incentive is titled “The Origin of The Might Halo.” Hopefully the reason is evident.

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