The important thing to take away from this page is that, yes, the Alari have ass-sculpting technology.

A hundred and thirty languages is a lot. It’s one of those figures I could probably justify by reminding everyone that she’s a super-genius and also 187 years old, but even so, that’s basically a language every year and a half. She probably only learned 3-5 by the time she got into demon middle school. Her demon elementary school was diverse, sure, but you don’t want to learn languages from people who barely speak it themselves. Besides, she didn’t even learn she could do this until late demon middle school.

By the time she got into demon high, she’d learned connecting to others’ brains like this has a lot of other benefits, especially when making out. Let’s just say it made all parties involved extra invested in getting to second base and beyond. Succubi have more bases than other females. Well, maybe not, but more innings, anyway.

This is one of those things I’m surprised I wasn’t able to work into the comic before now, but Xhosa is a pretty cool sounding language. She’s not going keep her brain tentacles in their ear sheaths in a target rich environment like that.

What a perfectly normal sentence to type.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: It’s done!

Seriously. It’s done! 210K words of weapon building, dinosaur fighting, harem satisfying, lumberjacking, moderate diplomacing, bad guy chopping action. Also some humor.

Check it out here!






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