Should that be “abject exemplification?” Honestly it works either way. Object = a tangible thing. Abject = the lowest example of. Oh, English.

The “he’s a supervillain because he mercilessly crushed his opposition” joke doesn’t… quite ring true for me, because mostly he’s going after all the corrupt officials that try and pocket 25% of everything that flows through their office and makes creating and maintaining infrastructure or an honest police force basically impossible. Removing those sorts of people, or “mercilessly crushing” them probably isn’t going to put Deus on any nation’s supervillain list. If I saw that all the bankers and traders involved in the 2008 banking crisis were stripped of all their assets and publicly flogged – well, I’d be fucking shocked that there might indeed be some accountability for rich criminals in America, but I also wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep at their treatment.

But in some poor-ass sub-Saharan country, while there would be a few “rich” assholes taking advantage of everyone else, a lot of the people scamming funds from the local highway project are probably doing it because they kind of have to. So while Lorlara is correct in that some of the most parasitic scum were indeed given the “just heel,” there was also a broad amnesty announced, saying something along the lines of “Real money is going to start coming into the country and salaries will be increasing. That said, from this point on, if you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you will be in deep fucking trouble.”

Yes, Sydney is supposed to mention that she’s white twice in that second panel. This probably isn’t the first time she’s been in the extreme minority, racially, but it’s on her mind. I wish I’d had more time to draw people walking around in the background, showing the city as sort of a business park/college campus feel, but I was literally working on these pages when I was sick, so my productivity suffered a bit.

Oh, and I forgot to add “Watertowers” to the Hydro Tech Tree.

Covid Update: I got covid (probably omicron) as previously mentioned. I’m vaccinated, so it was like 4 days of barely being sick, no fever or anything, just a slight tickle in my throat and light sinus congestion, then it ramped up Sunday, and by the time I was working on posting the previous page, I was starting to feel pretty crappy, but it seemed like most of it was from insomnia. Then I got a good night of sleep Sunday night, and Monday I felt basically 90% better. The symptoms have continued to attenuate, and now I feel basically like I did on the first or second day. At this rate I assume I’ll be 100% by the weekend. Or maybe I’ll be 5% sick for the next six weeks. The symptoms seem to be all over the place, so we’ll see. But I’m definitely getting that booster the first chance I get.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: It’s done!

Seriously. It’s done. Check it out here!








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