I imagine two billion dollars is an easier sell if it’s mostly in backhoes, cement mixers, and those asphalt Zamboni trains that resurfaces roads all in one go. Even though a bank transfer (or however massive inter-country transactions take place) would be a lot easier than loading up a shitload of cranes and dumphoes and trenchers and bigger diggers and whatever this is, or this, and put them all on a boat and ship them halfway around the world. But hey, at least Deus has ocean access now.

A BelAZ 75710 will set you back about $6 million, which honestly is a lot less than I would have guessed. Of course, a CAT 797 can carry ~85% as much weight but only costs $3.4M. Probably better off with two of those.

I assume the BelAZ transformer would turn into something where the dump bay or whatever it’s called would fold up into a massive shield. The wheels are frikkin huge though, so unless the toy makers could come up with a way to unroll the wheels and turn then into part of the arms or legs, I think it’d have to turn into something with a shield and the world’s largest pair of inline skates.

Yes, there was a BelAZ 75710 in the Transformers movie with Devastator, (maybe it was a generic “large dump truck”) but I’m not aware that it did anything besides become the left leg, so it doesn’t count.

Totally unrelated to anything, but the first skit in this video is definitely one of the better things that’s happened on the internet recently. I haven’t even played Elden Ring but it’s still >chef kiss noise<



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