I know it wasn’t obvious from the prior page, but the incoming helis lobbed like a dozen missiles all at once. The thought being to overwhelm unknown and probably pretty advanced defenses. You know what they say, “You miss every shot that’s still attached to the chopper when it gets cut from the sky, plus you could be just handing the enemy some perfectly good missiles. I mean, probably not, as they’re likely to get fucked up during the crash, but you never know, and you guys are going up against supers and demons and possibly aliens, so cut lose the first chance you get. Your families will be taken care of.” It’s not a pithy saying, but it’s surprisingly appropriate for this situation.

Sydney has a lot of superhero “experience” (AKA deep genre lore), but almost no “war” experience. Not that this is a proper war, really, it’s just a targeted skirmish, but a bunch of dudes in full tac gear getting blown up and a half dozen assault helis and missiles flying and Sydney doesn’t even know who she can try and save? Yeah, given Sydney’s accelerated Arc-SWAT training, they did skip a bunch of “In case you’re in a foreign country and a third party’s military attacks” scenarios. Not that normally cover that for recruits, especially considering that they’re a domestic only force, but they do get into action against military opponents, or at least well organized and equipped militias slash criminal organizations in later training.  Not to mention half the team is already poached from other branches, so it wasn’t prioritized with the first batch of recruits.

Parfait, on the other hand, is part of the defending team, so she could jump in, but like Sydney, she doesn’t have much in the way of training for situations like this. She’s graduated Demon High, and a large part of Infernal education is about learning trades, so you do your language/history/math courses, but you also get apprentice level training in your demon basics, warlording, fire mageing, weapon crafting, hospitality, civil engineering… I mean, someone’s got to build storm drains and roads. Anyway, Parfait was two years into Succubus Finishing School, which is just classes succubi start taking their junior year. Yes, everyone wants to help them with their homework. Managing that queue is part of becoming a successful succubus.

All this is to say that while Parfait has some melee weapons training (P.E. class in Demon High is quite a bit more violent than in the U.S.- though everyone still has to climb that rope) and can cast a few spells, she too has no experience with “war.” Thoth could start ordering her to do stuff, with her being new to the collar, she’d have no choice but to jump right in, but he probably saw her under Sydney’s shield and figured that was definitely the safest place for her. Could the succubus submission bond work through Sydney’s shield? I… hmm. I’ll have to think about that. Probably yes, since it’s like a soul-level entanglement. Her shield blocks a lot of stuff, but that’s probably asking too much from it.

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