I wanted the sound effect on that explosion to be reminiscent of those concussion fireworks, the ones that just boom without any razzle dazzle. Honestly those are my favorite, but I’ve always enjoyed joint rattling bass. Generally when those go off, there’s the “sound getting to you” delay, then there’s the echo of the sound that went in every direction but toward you deflecting off all the buildings and whatnot nearby. Unfortunately I decided that “BOOM-waboo-boo-whoom” took up too much space and might not have been quite as evocative as I had hoped. So it’s just “BOOM,” so you’ll have to imagine the cool delayed echo yourself.

Incidentally, a little googling indicates that concussion fireworks are roughly as loud as flashbang grenades, coming in at 170-175 db, but there’s got to be some factor that differentiates a flahsbang from a massive air burst concussion that feels like someone opened a door in your face from half a mile away. It’s got to be frequency? It displaces far more air but at a slightly slower rate, so it’s lower but also thumpier. I can’t help but imagine if you set of a concussion firework in a house before your SWAT team ran in, I don’t think they’d have to actually run in, cause all the walls of the house would shatter and the contents of the house would be flung onto the lawn. I assume the prior occupants would have collapsed organs and be spitting up bone marrow.

If you have waist length hair, you’ve got some hair ties in your pocket or purse. Anvil left her clutch at home this trip I guess. That or the gale force winds already ripped all her sprungy band right out of her hair.

I guess Max decided “If [Darude] is aware of my presence…” wasn’t sufficient, so she announced herself.

Terre and Kito are under the impression that Super powers increase with experience and use, which is generally true, but some people start at a higher power level than others, and some people cap out at certain levels. Even Deus isn’t sure if these are hard limits or if like the very top end of athletic competitions, there are other genetic factors determining the absolute zenith. Like, anyone can be a bodybuilder, but even with equal access to nutrition and weights, only some people have the genes to really maximize and hold on to those gains. Likewise, anyone can run, I mean, barring a fucked up ankle that never healed right or like, if there’s something wrong with your spine… okay, most people can run, but only one guy is going to be the absolute fastest, and a different guy is going to be the most long distancy, and neither of those guys are going dominate at the hurdles. Some of it is genetic, and at some point, you need to make choices about specialization. Energy Blasteroid Man might be able to train up to match Maxima’s destructive power, but he’s probably going to be sacrificing range or beam versatility or the size of his energy tank or something. But superpowers are still too new to know for certain.

The June Vote Incentive is up! What’s that dripping down Sydney’s face? Uh… well, actually, clicking on the link won’t actually give it away necessarily, cause the thumbnail is from one of the, er, advanced pictures in the series, if you take my meaning. Yes, I mean there is a nude version of Sydney (and guest) over at the Patreon version.



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