Instead of sticking her head in the sand, Maxima is sticking herself in, uh… his head, which is made of sand. So… aphorisms.

Does this count as a gritty reboot, because she’s fought this guy before and, you know… sand? Which is gritty…

Anyhoo. Ah, action pages. I wanted to show some scale here, but of course that means I can’t do my typical 9 panel page. Every once in a while it’s a bit of a relief to be able to draw a page slightly faster, but of course I made up for that by making the next vote incentive more involved than usual so I didn’t actually give myself any extra free time this week.

I looked up some common curses in Arabic. This is not one of them, but I can only assume that some dog a long time in the past really offended someone in the Middle-East of yore, because a lot of curses involve calling people a dog, son of a dog, etc. I mean, if I was a canine family pet in that region, I’d be like, “Aw.”

Maxima speaks enough arabic to order food, complain about hotel accommodations, direct troops, get directions to insurgent camps, etc. She’s actually very nearly fluent, at least until a conversation veers into trade lingo. She knows the words for jeep, truck, technical, wheel, axle, etc, but if you start talking about rebuilding an engine or human anatomy beyond major organs that are likely to get hit with a bullet, or decorating a cake, her vocab becomes a stumbling block.

Oh, and insults. She knows how to insult people. But like I said, it seems any and all canine adjacent insults are a slam dunk. “Your high school guidance counselor was a dog!” are probably fighting words.

Oh, and about the stinger, yes he can control sand, and Maxima will definitely wind up with sand everywhere, but presumably he can’t control sand if it’s inside her personal near skin tight forcefield that kinda sorta protects her clothes. She’s wearing the gas mask so he can’t use inertia to get sand into her mouth or down her throat. Really, if someone could control sand when it was inside someone else’s body? They’d be able to kill anyone. A single grain of sand spinning around ripping up their arteries or lungs or optic nerves or causing 20 aneurysms a minute? Maybe Wolverine could survive that. Definitely Colossus or your basic Superman type, but just about anyone else would be fucked.

The June Vote Incentive is up! What’s that dripping down Sydney’s face? Uh… well, actually, clicking on the link won’t actually give it away necessarily, cause the thumbnail is from one of the, er, advanced pictures in the series, if you take my meaning. Yes, I mean there is a nude version of Sydney (and guest) over at the Patreon version.



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