Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks…

If you’re a henchman participating in an assault on a base of superheroes, you gotta figure there are some pretty good benefits and/or pay. Also there’s probably an extensive briefing beforehand, depending on how disposable the henchmen are, and how serious the organization is about success. I mean, it depends on what their goals are, really. But there’s only so much preparation you can do, and the briefing probably isn’t going to cover all possible encounters, especially stuff like “an IT guy’s girlfriend who it so happens can hack reality.” Body armor and IR goggles aren’t really going to help you with that anyway. Your best bet is to incapacitate as many people as possible to limit responses.

Honestly if I was going to assault a super base, my opening move would probably be knockout gas in the HVAC. Knock ’em down before they know they’re being swung on. Maybe someone from the red team here suggested that, but learned that Archon has detectors in the system that would trigger alarms and lock it down. Basically, I’d want to win as many fights as possible before even entering the building. It’s a question of their resources and prep time vs your own, and how expandable your resources are. Not sure what the average henchman mindset is, really, but they can’t all be thinking they’re going to come out of an assault like this unscathed. Well, maybe they’ve got some invincibility cocktail coursing through their veins. That is to say, a cocktail that makes them think they’re invincible. The Grrl-verse is still hard at work on super soldier serums.

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