So, quick review of Varia’s powers. She has contact gestalt, and each person she touches gives her different powers. The person she’s touching doesn’t get any powers per se, but the do gain immunity to the powers that Varia gets, so if she starts emitting clouds of carbon monoxide, her gestalt partner doesn’t have to worry about suffocating. Well, at least not right away. If they’re in a small space and the room fills up with the stuff and then Varia lets go, it would be a problem. So far there’s no known CO gestalt.

For those of you who have read the Wearing the Cape anthology with Astra meeting the Arc-SWAT team, you know that the Arianna/Varia gestalt gives Varia fire powers. At least a fiery aura and fire blast. Which makes Arianna immune to fire and heat attacks.

So no, Arianna doesn’t have any superpowers. THAT WE KNOW OF? No, seriously, she doesn’t have any powers. OR DOES SHE?

BTW, it’s likely her powers would have worked through something think like stockings, but when a wall of fire is racing at the person who helps manage your public appearances and possible friend, it’s not a chance you want to take.

Unrelated, but that Guardians of the Galaxy game is really good. Yes, the fact that they don’t look like the movie versions is slightly off-putting at first, but you get used to it real quick. Also, it’s weird, because it’s not like they didn’t have licences to use them, because you can unlock MCU skins as you play through the game. Anyway, Rocket and Groot sound basically the same, and all the other voices are perfectly fine after the first 20 minutes. Also it doesn’t follow MCU canon exactly… I think it’s best if you think of MCU as Universe 138C and this game as Universe 135B or something. Also, I like the version of Mantis in the game better than the one in the movies. The movie one is fine, but not exactly well developed. Anyway, the Steam Sale is still going on until today at 10am Pacific, so you can get it for half-price – at least on Steam.

If you do get it, my one piece of advice is to use your teammate’s special attacks a lot. They do a lot of damage and recharge really fast. The “Rocket’s Gravity Grenade” plus “Star Lord’s Eye of the Storm” AOE combo was my go to for clearing out the riff-raff.

Oh, and also, that one lootbox with an alternate outfit for one of the team members that’s under the stairs in a flooded part of a Novacore ship early on that you can’t get to? Yeah, you actually can’t get to it, and it’s super frustrating. You come back to that level later and can get it then, but I spent like 20 minutes trying to figure it out before looking it up online, so you’re welcome. The game isn’t really metroidvania except for that one box, so it threw me.

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