Hey, +50XP for Arianna.

Tactically, this is a poor reaction. But the dude did try and burn her into ash, so… it’s hard to really blame her. She’s not a soldier, even if she goes jogging with them in the mornings. That said, her aim was pretty on point. She went for center mass, but the guy managed to spin out of the way. Also, he is wearing some fairly serious looking body armor, so she should have aimed at his face. She’s just not ready to stalk the streets at night, dispensing justice from the shadows.

By the way, Varia is still holding onto her leg below the frame there, which is why Arianna can hold on to the glowing embers of the doorframe without losing her skin.

As far as the flashbang guy in the background, we don’t know how well equipped the fodder soldiers are, but it’s a safe bet that any helmet that is “flashbang resistant” is less effective if said flashbang goes off six inches from your foot than from ten feet away. Mostly though, the guy is regretting not strapping on his back of the knee armor.

The July Vote Incentive is up! This is an unusual incentive because it started life as a panel from the comic. A few people thought it was a good pose to turn into a nude version, and I agreed. It was originally intended to be a stopgap pinup while I finished the one I’d started on for this month, but I got caught up in shiny skin and various bits of anatomy and alternate outfits so I’ll just leave this one as the July incentive. The advantage being that I have a head start on next month’s so… maybe it won’t be late?

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