So finally we get to the page I decided to delay until after showing Maxima returning to base. You can see why I delayed it, as I’m depicting evening in Galytn now, so it would have looked like Maxima’s return trip took a lot longer than it actually did. Galytn is 7 hours ahead of Archon HQ, so Sydney and crew haven’t missed out on the data recovery operation, it just looks like they’ve been hanging out for a while. They’ve been hard at work in the interval, however. Most of the focus was on extinguishing all the fires at the edges of Sydney’s little art project, but some of the helicopters that attacked with Darude pushed on past the factory and struck at infrastructure further in. Given Galytn’s population of supers, they didn’t make it very far, but still managed to leave quite a bit to cleanup afterward.

Yes, the sunset is super orange because of the fires – which are largely out, but the air is still smokey.

I guess Vale is feeling sassy, as she usually just looms menacingly and doesn’t usually score off the boss like that. Or maybe it’s a routine the two of them have to “humanize leadership.” Hard to tell with them.

I just realized I drew Sydney way too short in the middle two panels. Dabbler is 5’10”, so the top of Sydney’s head should be about lip-high to Dabbler? Oh well. I guess Sydney’s sitting on something that shaves a few inches off her height. I was going to say one of those cement highway divider things (which I just learned is called a Jersey Barrier or a Jersey Wall) are like 32″ tall… Hmm. I think if she was sitting on one of those it might actually make her slightly taller. Bags of cement then. Doesn’t really matter. She’s been using the orbs non-stop for hours so she’s allowed to be a little run down.

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I don’t know why the new one is taking so long. Honestly I might need to switch up my ADHD medicine. It’s possible I’m spending half my art time staring slack jawed into space and don’t even realize it. :/ I’ve got the nudie version almost done, but then I have to do clothes and the background. The BG will probably be simple like drapes and sheets, so maybe it’ll be ready for the Thursday comic?


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