Max decided her sports bra-ish top wasn’t appropriate while on the clock.

Okay so I clearly have no idea how an actual debrief goes down, and I apologize to people looking forward to a revisit of Sydney’s interview where she had to stand in front of half the senior Archon personnel.

Actually, the way I assume a debrief probably works is that you just report up the chain. NCO’s probably report to their sergeants, who pass the information up to the CO’s, who file it or follow up if needed. I don’t know who Sydney’s actual direct commander is, come to think of it. Anvil is a sergeant, but I usually have her getting trained by Peggy, who is a 1st Lt. Considering Sydney is not technically even an NCO yet, literally everyone else in Arc-SWAT outranks her. Even the other recruits at this point, since she was behind them when she joined, and now she’s fallen an additional 2 months behind.

Let’s assume that Maxima is just doing a ‘high level let’s make sure nothing super classified comes out’ pre-debrief. I guess the actual debrief (considering Archon’s small team size and overall atypical would include Arianna and Dabbler, possibly Hiro, as he’s a Major. They’d probably want to interview Cora and her crew as well, separately I’d guess.

So I’m moving on Wednesday… or I guess I’ve already moved by the time this page posts. I don’t know when I’ll be online again. Hopefully later today. I kind of left sorting out all the utilities till the last minute, then it was Memorial Day weekend and half of them were closed. Oy. Anyway, assume the next time I’m able to get online (phones don’t count) I’ll be surrounded by boxes to the ceiling, having scavenged just enough cords and cables to get my computer working again.

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