Sydney didn’t read ahead in the script or anything, she just guessed that if a smaller country is going to have some supers passing through, they might have a task or two they could use help with. She didn’t consider most places would be fairly prideful and not want to admit they need help with anything, or would at least want to keep the assistance off the record, but sometimes you’ve got a to do list and you can never quite seem to get to the items that are like 7th or 8th from the top and then your big strong neighbor wanders by asking for a favor and you think “I have been meaning to break down that heavy ass swingset in the backyard that the kids haven’t played on in 5 years and it’s starting to rust…” So yeah, it’s like that.

Once America outed Supers and were like “They’re real and by the way we’ve got the first super cops,” most other countries followed suit. Many of them already had Supers working for the government in one capacity or another, but now most of them can actually attribute that line item in their budget to something tangible. Now many countries have a prominent Super Team of some flavor, usually at least one of whom is branded with a modicum of national identity. Some countries have split the load, putting out a highly prominent “PR” team of flashy-but-less-trained-for-crisis Supers that spend a lot of time on public appearances, and another team of certified low-key bad-asses. Obviously the working lunches when the two teams meet can be a little awkward. America is trying to have it both ways with a single team, but while Maxima is fine with delivering a poignant speech to the graduating class of the USAF Academy or other relevant and significant events, she has little patience for answering “Who are you wearing?” at red carpet events or movie premieres. As she is largely the face of the team, alongside Sydney, which was unplanned, and Harem (planned, but has proven to be undisciplined) and Dabbler (unpredictable), the PR team is still trying to ease Maxima into a mindset where she could go on late night talk shows without too much eye-rolling. Actually, the most reliable PR workhorse has been Hiro, though we haven’t seen much of that in the comic.

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Why did it take so long? I couldn’t tell you. Well, I hand drew the lace on Lorlara’s body stocking, so that took about an hour by itself. Anyway, it’s likely the next one will be single character, and hopefully it won’t be so late. Usually with fewer characters I can do more outfit variants but we’ll see.

So I have enough “Blue Babes” to do a theme. Eventually I’ll be able to fill in the whole rainbow of my own characters. I did a rainbow lineup previously for those who hadn’t seen it. I’d love to revisit that one of these days.

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