I hope this page makes sense to everyone. It seems fairly straightforward to me, but then, I wrote it, so it’s hard for me to judge.

Anvil isn’t covering her head out of a sense of honoring the dominant religion in the country, there are christians living in Senegal, and Anvil was raised Southern Baptist. She attends church on more than just Easter and Christmas, but it’s more of a social thing for her than a weekly reminder of all the hellfire and brimstone awaiting the sinners. No, she’s wearing the head wrap, because while she isn’t quite as visually distinct as Maxima or Dabbler, she’s still an internationally famous superheroine. She’s 6′ 7″ which draws the eye all by itself, but when you add the red hair, it’s kind of a slam dunk that she’ll be recognized. They were ostensibly trying to not draw attention to the fact that several members of Arc-SWAT were wandering around a market while Dabbler was trying to pull a honey-money trap a few streets over. “Sydney” was in the same boat, sort of. By her lonesome, she’s not so memorable, although in a country that’s 95% black, she’ll obviously stand out quite a bit more. But stashing her orbs in a massive purse and tucking away those bangs, and she’s more or less good to go.

But of course, their goal wasn’t not to be seen, but to appear to be making a reasonable attempt at it.

If it seems there are a lot of Lionesses, keep in mind that Senegal has a population of 17 million, and the occurrence of Supers among humans, once thought to be one in a million, is probably closer to one in 100,000. Although it varies regionally and seems to be more prevalent in more industrialized nations, it’s a safe bet that Sengal has 80-160 (?) Supers. Or at least, that’s how many were born there in the last few generations. If you’ve got super powers and you want to work and live elsewhere, you’ve definitely got more options than the average person. The Lionesses are Senegal’s Arc-SWAT. Are there any Lions, you might ask? That… will eventually come up.

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