Here we go with yet another year, everyone writing the wrong date on their checks. I can’t actually recall the last time I wrote a check though. Probably for some home repair. Contractors really like checks for some reason. I legitimately can’t recall the last time I used cash though. I think I’ve had the same bills in my wallet for around 7 years.

I know I complained about forgetting Varia’s accent under the last page, but when I do remember, in my head she sounds like JFK from Clone High. Only female.

“What’s-er-ah, your-ah, eer-ah, pooooint?”

Vision based on radio waves seems like it would be terrible. They’re on the opposite side of the EM spectrum from X-Rays, so logically it seems like you’d be blind if you were surrounded by dense air. Radio waves are don’t penetrate solid matter very well, but they’re fairly bouncy, so I guess RW-vision would make for fairly even  “gray” vision. But it probably wouldn’t work well indoors unless you walked around with a ham radio strapped to your chest.

Fortunately, Varia got RW-vision on top of regular visible light-vision. She’s gotten pretty good at discerning peculiar powers. She has more experience with superpowers than anyone else in the world as far as anyone knows.

I know what you’re thinking, though. “Isn’t Varia the one who gets the powers?” It’s a good question. One that possibly gets asked on the next page?

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Please enjoy Cora in a workout outfit. Variant outfits and lack thereof over at Patreon, as well as a comic to put it all in context. Spoiler, Cora’s ship is like a Roman orgy most of the time.



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