In order of desirable pretzel condiments:

  • Gross ballpark nacho cheese.
  • Yellow mustard.
  • Yummy fondue made from cheese not designed to normally exist in a semi-liquid form.
  • Alfredo sauce.
  • Whole grain mustard.
  • Whole grain mustard AND Alfredo sauce – Yum!

There’s a separate category for stuff like cinnamon and frosting and caramel drizzle. There’s an argument to be made for dessert pretzels, but that’s really only one step away from a dessert bagel, and that’s just weird. If you want something doughy and twisty and sweet, get a funnel cake or a tiger tail (twisty donut.)

I hate that I keep forgetting that Varia has a pronounced Bostonian accent, because honestly, in short word bubbles, there’s only so many opportunities for it to come up. Words that end in an “R” sound change into an “ah” sound, basically. There are some flavors of Bostonian that actually add an “R” sound, like “pizza” can become “peet-zer” but there’s a limit to how thick of an accent you can write out before it starts becoming illegible. Written English just doesn’t have enough explicit ways to demark certain pronunciations to make it feasible. Maybe if we used umlauts and accent graves and that little sickle thing on the bottom of “C’s”, then maybe it’d be possible, but we don’t. And so I forget that she has a Boston accent since it sometimes won’t come up in several pages of dialog.

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