Okay, there’s a lot of confusion regarding Varia’s powers in the comments. That’s fair, they’re not so straightforward. So, when she touches someone, Varia gets a power (or a power unlocks, no one is quite sure how it works). The person she’s touching doesn’t get any powers, at least not directly. If the power Varia gets is something that would be harmful, like as we saw with Arianna (as established in the Grrl Power crossover in Wearing the Cape 6), Varia gets a fire form, and Arianna gets not-being-burned-by-Varia’s-fire. And any other source of fire, as it happens. (It’s unclear if there were a source of fire that was much hotter than the heat Varia is putting out if Arianna would still be immune to it. To be safe, the team assumes there isn’t an absolute immunity conveyed, just considerable resistance.)

So if Varia turned into Californium 238, (which has a half-life of 21.1 milliseconds), her gestalt partner wouldn’t be harmed by all the gamma radiation and whatever else Cf238 puts out, like probably heat and gossip. They’d probably both be in trouble once she let go, because everything around them would straight up be having a cherenkov rave. Fortunately this has never happened.

Obviously this guy with the Boston Eyes is breaking the rules, but as you see, V-visor there has a hypothesis. That or the guy’s powers are just triggered by stress and he has anime-protagonist-holding-a-woman’s-hand anxiety.

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