Yes, SuperMassive calls his gravity balls “G-Spots,” because he’s just that rad.

You know I’ve never thought about what Maxima’s hair might taste like until I drew this page. Of course, her hair isn’t hair, it’s like some sort of metallic silk. By itself, it probably doesn’t taste like anything, as it is hyper-nonreactive, so it’s mostly going to taste and smell like whatever shampoo she uses. She’s stated in the past that her skin is a fair bit more slippery than human skin, and the same applies to her hair, so her use of shampoo is more about scent than cleanliness. She could stand in front of a firehose if she wanted and it’d be pretty effective in terms of cleanliness. Might even count as a gentle massage if she dropped her armor way down. If she actually gets anything tenacious stuck to her, she can jump in a vat of something that would turn a mid-level thug living in Gotham into an A-List Supervillain.

The January Vote Incentive is still up! Time for the quarterly fashion show that Anvil puts Maxima through. Can you detect the theme?

The new one is coming I promise. I’m back down in Houston helping out my folks and the setup makes it a little difficult to find time to work on pics of topless ladies. I will endeavor to decrease the time between these as I know I’m on the verge of stretching the definition of ‘monthly.’

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