Goon Squad literally has no skin in this game. Well… he’s flesh and blood until the dupe dies, then it turns into weird chalky stuff that eventually disintegrates into powder. And even though his dupes loses IQ points for every few copies he makes, he’s still smart enough to recognize that everyone who signs paychecks is already in custody. That puts him ahead of most thugs, honestly.

It’s got to be annoying, because like a teleporter, he’s kind of impossible to arrest without taking some kind of extreme measures. At best, you could knock his dupes out and keep them in a coma, since he can de-duplicate at will. Really, all you’d be doing at that point is making sure that any other dupes he makes start off a few IQ points down. It’s not nothing, but keeping people in medically induced comas isn’t exactly cheap.

Weirdly, he could take Harem on five separate dates at the same time. She only has one mind, so hopefully he’d take her on five different dates. Like if he took her to 5 different restaurants, it’s possible she’d get confused which one of her had already ordered when they waiter came by. Plus she’d have to deal with tasting lobster with one mouth and pizza with another and Korean BBQ with another and so on. Best for one of her to go to a restaurant, one to go to something like a Dave and Busters, one go to a fair, etc. We don’t know how Goon Squad’s mind works exactly, but we can guess that he doesn’t doesn’t have the same distributed consciousness like Harem. He seems to know when his dupes get taken out, but as to whether or not he absorbs their experience is up in the air.

The February Vote Incentive is up! The March one is mostly finished. Just need to do the clothed version and finishing the bonus comic page. Monday for sure.

Kat, you remember, the newly minted were-hare? Well, someone forgot to give her a copy of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Were-Margaret.” She has questions is what I’m saying.

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