The next 22 minutes of the voice mail cover topics such as the weather in Senegal, how weird it is to see common American brands like Cheetos with French packaging, how much better “Belin Croustilles de Fromage” are, which are a French produced Cheeto equivalent, and how she need to find a reliable way to get them in the US, and if the team is allowed to do endorsements yet, because she figures that if she does “Belin Croustilles de Fromage” ads, she could probably swing a box of them every month or two as part of the contract, and also, are they allowed to do commercials in other countries in general, because she doesn’t want to pass up an opportunity to a crazy Japanese ad where a cartoon tanuki screams at her while she tries to climb a mountain only to have the camera zoom out to reveal the mountain is the side of the product, and drop of condensation runs down the side of the can and hits her and the rest of the commercial is shot underwater, and she’s wondering what the crush depth is of her shield, assuming her orbs aren’t going kaput, and if they are, can she get permission to go on sabbatical to explore the galaxy for signs of the Nth as Dabbler calls them and she promises she’ll document the whole thing because there’s no way that wouldn’t be a crazy entertaining spin-off.

Actually, that’s just the next seven minutes. Max didn’t listen to the rest. She’ll save that the next time she has to commute using normal transportation and treat it like an audiobook.

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