Sydney gets distracted by literally anything – 1:10
Sydney eats lunch and forgets she was training – 2:1
Sydney loses interest after getting a splinter – 3:1
Sydney hits a vital service line underground – 4:1
Sydney sends the wrecking ball or bulldozer blade flying into the building – 4:1
Aliens land and attempt to steal the orbs – 5:1
Sydney spontaneously discovers she’s distantly related to the Hapsburgs and is whisked away to an adventure in Europe – 6:1
Sydney smashes herself with the wrecking ball and spends two weeks in traction – 8:1
Sydney sticks with a rigorous training schedule for a full week – 174:1

This page sort of depends on the fact that you guys know that Harrison is an ex-Ranger, but I think he’s only appeared in one or two other pages, and I don’t know if he even had any dialogue. I’m guilty here of letting the Who’s Who do the heavy lifting for me. The short version is he was working as a Chicago detective, and doggedly followed a case even after the brass waved him off, and in doing so discovered evidence of the supernatural underground, like you do if you’re the main character of the pilot episode of a supernatural police procedural. Like Fringe, but with more werewolves and vampires. Shady supernaturals tried to eliminate him, but being an ex-Ranger, he gave them way more trouble than they expected and was eventually brought into the loop by non-shady supernaturals. He now works with Arc-LIGHT and often partners with Pixel.

It’s possible Harrison is being slightly hyperbolic about how much caffeine was involved in Ranger school. But people in Cultivation novels are basically junkies. By the time they make it to Silver, half of them have stopped eating food that isn’t more “Legendary Mana Tankard” than riceball.

(Next page actually details points spent. I’ll include an updated skill tree.)

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