From the people who brought you Goat Yoga…

Seriously, how did Goat Yoga come about? It had to have been a bet, right? Someone had a line on a shitload of goats and bet his buddy who had a bunch of venture capital laying around that he could get “afternoon wine drunk yoga moms” to do yoga while goats stand on them.

Pixel weighs about 90 lbs in her human form, and Anvil was running out of space for 45 lb plates on the bar. I guess she has a 90 lb dumbbell tied to the other side. I know, you’re like, why doesn’t she just tie a dumbell to each side. You know how it is in a gym, one dumbbell in a matched pair has wandered off, or the 75 lb EZ Curl bar is missing and you can only find the 85 lb one and you can only get 3 reps with that one before your form goes to shit. No, leaning back 45 degrees is not good curl form.

So anyway, Sydney can make 2 lighthooks simultaneously and also somehow pre-emptively upgraded the atmorb. Atmosphorb? Life Supporb. The green one.

Here’s the updated skill tree. I know at some point in the past there was an errant extraneous point in the PPO skilltree, but I can’t find a comic it showed up in. I might have gone back and quietly retconned the art but I don’t recall. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen. The blue pips are the ones that were filled in when she found the orbs, the teal ones are the newly spent points. By the way, I realize that the second point on the Lighthook branch which allows her to use two hooks at the same time implies that the first point on that branch is required to use a single hook, meaning if that point isn’t spent, the orb is fairly useless. What can I say? Aliens, man.

The April vote incentive is up! As promised, it’s a Sydney pinup. Not airplane bathroom selfies, but hopefully her cuteness will satisfy.

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