Maxima: YOU do NOT get to cast aspersions on Dabbler. That is MY JOB!

Honestly, naming a baby Deus Superion is only slightly weirder than naming yourself Deus Superion. Like one of “those rap people.” BTW, that senator isn’t supposed to be anyone specific, just representative of one of those typical mummies that have been sitting in their seat for about two decades longer than their ability to comprehend the modern world allows for.

You know, rappers get the occasional bit of grief for using pseudonyms, but you know who else uses made up names? Actors. Half the actors whose names you think you know changed them when they started getting real roles. Olivia Wilde? Actually Olivia Cockburn. Okay, I definitely don’t blame her for that one. Natalie Portman? Neta-Lee Hershlag. Joaquin Phoenix? Joaquín Rafael Bottom. Again, can’t really fault him there. Hell, if I was just some first grader with the last name “Bottom” I’d want to fucking change it too. Jamie Foxx? Eric Marlon Bishop. Alexander Siddig? His full name is Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abdurrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi. Honestly if I ever cast him in something I’d beg him to use the full thing in the credits just cause I think it’d be funny to have the whole screen taken up by his name.

Anyway, hooray for action packed… I’d say Senate hearings, but this is classified and there’s only one senator there. The meeting itself isn’t classified, just the topics discussed, since they’re being candid about stuff like alien tech and the fact that Dabbler is a demon, which hasn’t been revealed to the public. Only that she’s an alien. With horns and hooves, granted, but anything not from Earth would technically be an alien. There’s a huge amount of online discussion about everything superheroes in the Grrl-verse, because of course there is. Plenty of speculation about Dabbler being a demon even before they said she was an alien. I mean, there’s a lot stupid people out there, and you don’t need to look remotely like a demon for some people to legitimately think you are one or are at least possessed by one. As soon as Dabbler switched to her “battle form” and started swinging around her sword with the pentagram guard on it, speculation accelerated. At some point I should mention in the comic that there are protesters who think the US government is in bed with Satan (there’s definitely already people who think that in the real world, so it’s hardly a stretch). I don’t like dwelling on humanities crappier attributes in the comic if I can help it though. It would be star-eyed optimism to think that kind of stuff isn’t happening, so my excuse is that the PR people are generally doing their jobs and mostly keeping the team from interacting with the average dumbass on the street whenever possible. Maybe before being allowed into signing events, people have to fill out a questionnaire that reveals their thoughts on the moon landing, whether they are pro or anti-vaccine, the general shape of the Earth, and other conspiracy theories. I imagine most celebrities don’t want to hear their fans’ thoughts on that sort of stuff anyway. Even people who are deep into that sort of stuff probably aren’t interested, because if your version of their dumb thing isn’t exactly the same then they, I assume, get just as annoyed as a non-dumbass would. “Oh you think the Earth is flat, but the moon is a sphere and it’s hollow and that’s where all the dinosaurs went? Well that’s one thing too far for me!”

Sorry, went off on my own little tear there. You know, all that said, Cooter was fun to write. Maybe he should make another appearance soon.

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