When I first introduced the chroma-choker, I really didn’t think it’d be this long before Maxima got a night out, but I’ve always been bad at estimating the length of storylines.

The prior scene didn’t end with that phone call. As previously mentioned, that committee meeting covered demon invasions, the attack on ARCHON HQ and all manner of stuff. Max only got back in time for a night out because she can travel from DC back to Dallas in like 30 minutes, and that’s if she’s taking it real easy. Faulk is staying in DC to do… I dunno, political stuff.

The modified choker has a fixed skin color, because of the issues covering up Max’s specularity, but if she wants to, she can still change her hair color with one slider, and she has some makeup options with the other slider, since makeup doesn’t really stick to her skin, and the choker’s glamor would cover it up anyway. Dabbler put in a variety of options, and you have to imagine it’s like choosing your makeup in a RPG. Starts off with some subtle eyeshadow/eyeliner with muted lipstick color, then some increasingly tarty options, then a few straight goth variants, and the last few are like a dia de los muertos skull, a Furiosa full-black from the cheeks up, a jagged Jack-o-lantern pattern, a geometric “Somebody that I used to know” option, and a few others that would make Max balk at first, but then she’d turn her head, think about it, and nod.

The April vote incentive is up! As promised, it’s a Sydney pinup. Not airplane bathroom selfies, but hopefully her cuteness will satisfy.

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