Imagine if everyone had to wear one of these and the colors randomized every morning. Yeah. I’m sure… something would be different. Fashion probably. And we could all learn some lesson like the Star Bellied Sneetches. Or just find other motivations for tribalism.

Yes, Daphne dyes her eyebrows. It’s probably an impractical thing to try and do honestly, which I assume mostly because of how many “blonde” girls have brunette eyebrows. Fortunately Daphne’s a natural strawberry blonde, so darkening them up to purple or black isn’t a major issue, but co-ed has white hair and Vogue is blonde, so in those cases, she probably has to bleach them out first before coloring them back in. Well, with Vogue she does. Co-ed is just a bleach job.

Being an officer, Maxima did go to college, but it was ROTC heavy and partially done online or at night while she also did military stuff. Still, that probably didn’t stop her from writing some fairly eye-roll inducing papers about feminist theory. Which isn’t to suggest there isn’t a lot of perfectly legitimate subject matter to be had there, but like a lot of people finding themselves in college for the first time, some of Max’s earlier thinking might have… overcorrected when it came to addressing gender balance in the world. Fortunately, she has mellowed out considerably on the subject matter. She still has the occasional urge to go on a tear though, especially after the Weinstein/Cosby/that guy who was digitally edited out of Army of the Dead/etc scandal of the month drops, or having to deal with the deeply institutionalized sexism of large swathes of military culture.

Obviously, Kenya has known Max long enough that she can tease her about her earlier collegiate theses. Especially the one about women having some kind of remote that controls whether or not men have erections. In Max’s defense, that one was half Juvenalian satire and half sexual fantasy.

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